You have passed the first test. But don’t congratulate yourself yet.
This is just the beginning.
Our world today, especially in the city of Mumbai is centered around work, which takes up all our time and leaves no space for anything else. Art is a simple and accessible solution for us to explore our other sides. Through art we can help release stress and enrich the quality of our lives.
To provide an outlet to a society that focuses on careers and work, the Art Loft – a workshop center and artistic platform is calling all artists, professionals and amateurs to rebel and unite.
Come together to fight for the freedom of expression, raise curiosity, share your vision of the world and challenge it.
A platform for everybody, from everywhere, the Art Loft offers you the opportunity to take part in the artistic revolution: The Art Conspiracy.

behind the walls

THE ART LOFT is a unique hub where cultures connect and art is made accessible to anyone willing to experience it. With the help of creative workshops, exhibitions, featured events and conferences, The Art Loft brings together professionals and amateurs belonging to diverse backgrounds.
Explore your mind with new techniques (product design, photography, film-making), experiment your emotions (Art therapy, fine arts, scrap booking, henna, mixed mediums), and let some steam off your body (acting, wine appreciation, belly dancing, massage).

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The Art Conspiracy

For art, which makes sublime the daily routine of life
For art, which uplifts the soul to the divine
For art, which creates the individual through expression
For arts sake, The Art Conspiracy

A movement to liberate the conservative to create freely
A vision to proliferate art into the daily life
of an individual
A scheme to unleash each inner expression
A plot to make art accessible
A space for an alternate lifestyle in a mainstream, city life

The Mission

We are Access Agents looking for the city’s best Art Provocateur’s to help invade the suburb of Bandra with personal works of art. You too, can play a role in this conspiracy. Send us your work of “Art Conspiracy” in pictures and on selection get ready to change the world through art.


Some of the eminent jury members involved in the selection process are Brinda Miller, Kala Ghoda festival curator, Anurag Kashyap, prominent film Director, Nikhil Chopra renowned Indian live Artist, Eve Lemesle, owner and managing director of What About Art, an Arts Management Agency in Mumbai, Mark Lapwood, Director of Photography and famous cinematographer from New Zealand, Jas Charanjiva, owner of Life on Mars, Factory of Art + Design specializing in urban lifestyle products and underground art in Mumbai and Leila Tayebaly, French Indian Art Therapist, Founder of The Art Loft.


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Details of the plot

Please download the Mini Manual of the Art Provocateur in PDF or WORD for complete details and the compulsory form.


The revolution will rise on October 23rd and 24th at Bandra’s trendiest hotspots like Out of the Blue, Bonobo, Yellow Tree, Mocha Mojo, Mia Cucina and many more. The chosen work will subsequently be displayed around these venues for the world to see. Bandra will become the city’s art centre and art itself will reign.
Download the map here.


You can visit the Art Loft at Valentino Rest 1st Floor, (Above Patel Store), Mehboob Studios, Bandra West, Mumbai.

Or call :
Smriti: +91-9820004745
Grego: +91-9920539063
Kevin: +91-9930386960
Leila: +91-9819132958

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